Princess Princess Ever After

Princess Princess Ever After 3I am always looking for books that tell my kids that they can be and do anything and this book does exactly that. Princess Princess Ever After by Katie O’Neill is amazing on so many levels. One princess becomes a warrior saving another princess from her tower. One uses her brains to solve a problem without fighting. The hopeless prince that is just trying to do what people expect him to finds his true calling. The characters in this story break out of their expected roles to find their happy ever afters. Points for diverse characters and a “chubby” princess (though I would have liked the art on this one to be more obvious). I found everything about this story refreshing to read to my kids. I even bought an extra copy as a gift… thank you Scholastic for having it at a great price! I am so happy I saw this on their website because it was a great find. This is a 53 paged graphic novel that Scholastic lists as grades 3-8, but my 7 year old enjoyed it. I should mention that some of the characters don’t hit it off right away and there is some minor name calling (butthead). In my opinion, Princess Princess Ever After is a great find for anyone with girls, but it’s also a great book for boys. It’s refreshing to read a story that tells young readers that we don’t all fit in the same square box and that’s okay! 💜💙💚💛🧡❤️


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