Zero & One & Two

Borrowed these lovely books from our local library, for the third time! Love these books so much that I like to reread them every so often to make sure my kids don’t forget their message. Zero, One, and Two by Kathryn Otoshi are amazingly clever books that I enjoy so much. One is my favorite and the first I discovered. It’s the story of Blue with a beautiful message of bullying, standing up for others, and kindness. ❤️ Zero is a story about wanting to find your place and have value by being yourself. Two is a clever story about friendship. The creative way these stories are written is genius. I love the the words used make them mean more in the context of the story. The characters and story are fun and relevant. I definitely recommend getting these books, whether you buy them or check them out from your library. We use our library all the time. We would never be able to afford all the books we read, so the library is a great resource that I am very grateful for.


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