The Lemonade War

Lemonade War 1bThe Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies was a random pick that turned out to be amazing! We actually grabbed this from the library as an audiobook to listen to on a road trip. But my daughter loved it so much, she bought the book from a Scholastic book order. The Lemonade War is about a brother and a sister that allow hurt feelings and misunderstandings get them into an all out war over which of them can sell the most lemonade. The characters are great and the story alternates from each of their perspectives. This makes it possible to understand how the events are seen from each of their view points and how the actions of each sibling affects the other. As a parent of three kids, I LOVED this! Occasionally we would pause the book and talk about what was happening. The characters make sad choices based on their feelings at the time, but they realize their mistakes by the end of the story and grow from the experience. This book felt very real. I think the characters were well written and relatable. As an added bonus, you learn a little about business strategies in a very fun way. Overall, this book kept my kids (with a five year age range) interested and entertained. And if you love it so much that you want more, she has other books in the series. We’ve only read one other one so far, but I am sure we will be reading the others at some point.

Lemonade War 2b

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