You Are (Not) Small

You Are Not Small 1You Are (Not) Small is a brilliantly simple, yet perfect book that teaches about perspective in a silly and entertaining way. Written by Anna Kang and Illustrated by Christopher Weyant, this story is about two fuzzy (bear-looking) creatures that argue over size. One thinks the other is small, while the other thinks the first is big. Who is right? Turns out it depends on who you are standing next to. I love this book for so many reasons. First, because it so simply proves that there can be more than one right answer, especially when it is an opinion or depends on your perspective. Second, I love how I was able to use this story to talk about arguing and how there are more important things than being “right”. This super short, fun and quick read packed a huge message that can be understood and enjoyed by all ages.
You Are Not Small 2

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