Crankenstein 1Everyone has an inner Crankenstein. Some days are just Crankenstein days. This book written by Samantha Berger and illustrated by Dan Santat is about a young boy that is very much a Crankenstein sometimes. There are lots of reason why this little boy feels like a Crankenstein. Most we can relate to and understand. It’s a great story to read to kids that might have Crankenstein moment of their own (so every child/parent/living creature ever). Emotions can be hard to navigate. Sometimes, they are even scary to us and those around us. It’s nice to know that we all feel like that sometimes and that is okay… and normal! I think this book tells a very true, simple story about those feelings of frustration and anger. Read this book to your little Crankenstein to help them identify when they (and you) are feeling like a Crankenstein. Maybe it will be a little less overwhelming the next time we feel like saying “MEHHRRRR!!!”Crankenstein 2

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