Let The Children March

Let The Children March 3Tears. There are many great books about the civil rights movement, but Let The Children March poetically written by Monica Clark-Robinson, spoke directly to my heart. It tells the emotional story of the children, inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., that marched for equality in 1963 Birmingham, Alabama. This beautiful book shows the bravery it took for thousands of children to march in protest of segregation laws. The stunning artwork by Frank Morrison brings the story to life on each page. It’s heartbreaking to imagine the fear and heartache these families went through, but it shows what we can do together. I want my children to know this history and books like this do an amazing job of showing them how far we’ve come as a nation and giving us the foundation to discuss how far we still need to go. The empowering message made loud and clear in Let The Children March is one of hope. Children are our future and I am grateful for books that teach our children that.
Let The Children March 4

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