She Persisted

She Persisted 1

What an inspiring book for young girls! She Persisted tells the story of 13 American women that didn’t give up on their dreams, persisted, and created real change. Harriet Tubman, Clara Lemlich, Sally Ride and Sonia Sotomayor are just a few of the inspirational women you will read about. Ingeniously written to tell the story of each woman in a simple, compact way that is engaging and short enough for even younger readers to follow and be inspired by. If you’re looking for detailed information on these women, there are many books that give you a more complete story, but this book does a perfect job of telling you who these women are and how they persisted. She Persisted encourages young readers to believe in themselves, their dreams, and never give up. Specifically written to encourage girls, this book instills a valuable lesson that everyone can be empowered by. Writer Chelsea Clinton and illustrator Alexandra Boiger did an amazing job on this beautiful book. In honor of International Women’s Day, I’ll be reading She Persisted to my kids tonight.

She Persisted 2 She Persisted 3

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