Island Of The Blue Dolphins

Island Of The Blue DolphinIsland Of The Blue Dolphins, written by Scott O’Dell, is classic that I remember my mom reading to me as a child. I was excited to read this to my children and bought a copy from a school Scholastic book order. But sometimes it’s hard to find reading time, so I decided to get a copy of the audiobook from the library so we could listen in the car. The audio book was SO GOOD! The audiobook was narrated by Tantoo Cardinal and she did an amazing job. She became the character to me and I loved her style of narration. Island Of The Blue Dolphins is the story of a young Native American girl that becomes stranded with her younger brother on the island when her people leave. The tragedy continues when she loses her brother when he is attacked by wild dogs. But she survives. She plans and works hard and survives, year after ear, alone. Initially fueled by revenge for her brother, the character grows over the course of the book. It’s an inspirational story about finding inner strength and growing up in the face of adversity. This book is emotional and deals with multiple deaths and dangerous situations. You’ll need to decide for yourself if this story is right for your child. But although it has moments of sadness and heartbreak, I loved this book as a child, and loved listening to it with my kids. It gives them a glimpse into a very different life and culture they can only experience through books like this.

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