Giants Beware!

Giants Beware 1

Giants Beware! is a super fun graphic novel written by Jorge Aquirre and illustrated by Rafael Rosado. My 7 year old daughter got this as a gift from her awesome aunt that is always looking for fun stories with empowering messages and characters that inspire my young girls. I read this with them and it was fun for all of us. There are no damsels in distress in this fun adventure because the story is about a young girl named Claudette that desperately wants to slay a giant and become a hero. Along with her little brother Gaston (who loves to bake) and her friend Marie (that wants to become a princess), they set out to find a giant of legend and slay it. One of my favorite things about this story is that the characters are flawed. They aren’t perfect, but they grow. Claudette is brave and will do anything to achieve her quest, even lie to her companions. But is she brave enough to admit when she makes a mistake? Gaston isn’t brave at all, until he is. And Marie dreams of becoming a proper princess, but she is also a clever diplomat that can use her brain to get them out of trouble. The characters break the typical mold that you so often find in stories like this. Instead, these characters aren’t always what people expect or want them to be. They make mistakes, like we all do, and I love that because we all make bad choices sometimes. This is a silly adventure story that was a lot of fun to read. Despite seeming like this could be a violent story, it was perfect for young kids due to its fast pace and interesting characters that are creatively portrayed through fun and entertaining artwork. I am so glad this is part of our personal library and can’t wait to read the sequel called Dragons Beware!

Giants Beware 2

Giants Beware 3

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