Princesses Wear Pants

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I am not going to lie, I usually hate a lot of the books my youngest picks out from the library. I read them because I want to encourage her to pick out books, but it is usually a chore for me. So when I read her Princesses Wear Pants written by Savannah Guthrie and Allison Oppenheim, I was happily surprised when I enjoyed it. Maybe it was because my expectations were so low, but I thought this book was cute and tried to deliver a refreshing message that princesses don’t all have to wear dresses. Now personally, I LOVE when books focus on the message that girls don’t have to be princesses at all, but some girls dream of being a princess. So if you have one of those, this book shows that not all princesses have to be the same. Fun rhymes tell the story of a princess that loves dresses, but she also wears pants to do all kinds of things that dresses aren’t suited for. She has pants for gardening, flying a plane, or hosting the science fair! I like that this princess does all kinds of amazing things usually not associated with being a princess. She seems smart and brave and can even be the hero that saves the day. The illustrations by Eva Byrne are bright and enjoyable. Overall I thought this was an adorable book with a fun twist on what it looks like to be a princess.

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