This book…. Loved it! Actually, I loved the audio book. We listened to Wish while on a road trip and it was fantastic. Barbara O’Connor wrote a beautiful story and narrator Suzy Jackson brought it to life in this audiobook. Wish is about an eleven year old girl with a quick temper named Charlie. She is sent to live with an aunt and uncle she hardly knows until her mama can get back on her feet. Charlie doesn’t want to be there. She can’t wait to go home. And she never misses a chance to make a wish for the life she wants. Charlie is a feisty young girl that has a hard time fitting in and doesn’t know what to think of these people and this town. Besides, she is only here temporarily, so it doesn’t matter. But when she spends time trying to capture stray dog with a boy named Howard, the days go by faster, and she sometimes loses track of her wish. This is a really sweet story about a girl learning about friendship, family and happiness. Sometimes we spend so much time and energy wishing for what we want that we miss what we already have. I loved this story. It was beautiful to experience Charlie grow and find the family she always hoped for. Processed with Rookie Cam

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