Movie: Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin MovieI don’t usually do movies, but I had to share this one. Plus, Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh started as book characters, so that counts right? I grew up watching the animated Winnie the Pooh stories and this movie felt like childhood to me. Pooh was true to his silly old bear self and it was so fun to see all the familiar characters. But you don’t have to be a fan to be able to enjoy this movie. This movie was a super cute family movie with something for all ages. It starts off with young Christopher saying goodbye to his friends in the 100 Acre Wood because he is leaving for boarding school. Shortly after, you learn his father has died. During the setup to the story, Christopher grows up, marries, and is sent to war, leaving behind his pregnant wife. He misses more than three years of his daughter’s life, but returns to become a business man. This is where the story really starts. Christopher is a busy working man with little time for fun with his family. His daughter, wanting to please her father, works hard at her studies. There is love in the family and you can see Christopher loves his wife and daughter, but their relationships are stressed by Christopher’s priorities. When Christopher skips going on vacation with his family in order to work, Pooh ruins everything when he shows up needing help. Christopher decides he has to help Pooh and you’ll have to watch the movie to see what happens when he does. The story is a familiar one with a predictable happy ending, but it is a sweet story about family, life and happiness. I was really looking forward to seeing what would happen when Christopher Robin grew up, and I wasn’t disappointed. Having expectations can sometimes backfire, but I really enjoyed this movie and thought it was done well. I definitely think it’s worth a family movie night. But I will warn you, I suddenly have a huge desire to read the classic Winnie the Pooh books! Are you a Pooh fan? Have you read the books?

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