Fish In A Tree

Processed with Rookie CamFish In A Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt is an AMAZING story and we all loved it. We listened to the audio book on a road trip and it was fantastic. This book is about a girl named Ally. Ally acts up in school, but her behavior is actually to cleverly distract her teachers from realizing that she can’t read. She is too ashamed to admit she can’t read and knows she is too dumb to learn. But when a new teacher sees through her behaviors to the creative and smart Ally for the creative and smart student she is, even Ally starts to believe it. With his help, Ally learns she has dyslexia and discovers she can read with the right tools. It’s an inspiring story about perseverance and believing in yourself. I highly recommend this book to everyone. It has so many beautiful lessons and moments throughout the story. You can feel Ally’s pain and struggle and I found myself cheering for her. Everyone can relate to Ally’s struggle on some level, some more than others. Author Lynda Mullaly Hunt did an awesome job bringing Ally to life and telling her story.

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