What If…

Processed with Rookie Cam

What If… what if you had a story to tell? What if you didn’t have paper and pencil to tell it? What if you read a book that encouraged you to find a door in every wall? To tell the story in your heart in any form you could, no matter the barrier? That is what this book does! What If… is written by Samantha Berger and beautifully illustrated by Mike Curato. It tells the story of a girl that has a story in her heart. She uses paper and pencil to tell her story… but if those disappeared? She would tell her story anyway. She would always tell her story, in any form she could. I LOVED this book. I loved it because it tells kids to keep going, no matter what. That what seems like a barrier can be a door to another way of expression. It’s perfect for those budding artists, encouraging them to explore so many ways of telling their story. Maybe this book was just written to encourage creativity. Maybe it is simply about art. But what if we taught kids to build their own doors? What if they think outside the box? What if they persevere until their voice is heard? What if they simply believe in their journey no matter where it takes them? I think this book is awesome for those creative dreamers. But I think it’s also great to teach every child to ask “What if…”

What if 2

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