Absolutely Almost

Processed with Rookie CamAbsolutely Almost, written by Lisa Graff, was a great book. We listened to the audiobook which really brought the main character, Albie, to life. Ten year old Albie isn’t the best at anything. In fact, he pretty much feels not good enough about everything. But when Albie gets a new babysitter, Calista changes Albie’s views and teaches him many things. She understands Albie in a way none of the other characters in the book seem to and helps Albie grow throughout the story. Calista believes there are all kinds of things he is good at. After a while, Albie believes it too. But when Calista breaks the rules to help Albie, there are consequences for both of them. Some of the characters in the story are very unkind, which makes the friendship between Albie and Calista a welcome contrast. I think everyone can feel like Albie sometimes. This is a great book about figuring out who you are and being proud of that. You don’t have to measure yourself by others. Friendship, understanding, perseverance, and many other themes are all touched on in this book. Have you read Absolutely Almost? What did you think?

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