Little Brothers & Little Sisters

little brothers & little sisters 1

I loved everything about this book. Little Brothers & Little Sisters is a book that lists a lot of things that little brothers and sisters want. In the beginning, the book shows younger siblings that are frustrated because their big brothers and sisters don’t give them what they want, like a place on the team or the password for the big kid club house. But the book turns really sweet when it shows some other things they want, like help up or a protector, and their older siblings are there to be just want they needed. I LOVED this book. The author and illustrator, Monica Arnaldo, made a genius book, perfect for all ages, that tells a big story with few words and telling pictures that add a lot to the story. It does an awesome job showing the relationships between siblings and I think it can encourage empathy and understanding. This book could easily be used to show older siblings how little siblings might feel being left out or not allowed to make decisions. But it also inspires them to be the teacher and hero they can be to their little brother or little sister. Younger brothers and sisters won’t always be welcome to participate in their old siblings’ activities, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a time and place for them to spend time together. Having siblings is complicated, but it’s usually not all bad or all good. This story ends by emphasizing the good. Siblings have a special relationship and sometimes we need to be reminded. I think this is a great book that does a great job of highlighting how special big brothers and big sisters can be to their little siblings.

little brothers & little sisters 2

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