When The Snow Falls

when the snow falls 1

When The Snow Falls was a simple and lovely book about winter with a sweet complement of family. Author Linda Booth Sweeney uses creative two word sentences to describe winter. These rhythmical rhymes are fun to read. “Woods hush. Fields glisten. Wren sings. We listen.” But what first caught my attention were the illustrations by Jane Christy. The cover has a young child being worn while a family is out enjoying winter together. When I read the book, the illustrations told another really lovely story of family. Mom and Dad, kids and Grandma enjoy time together before Grandma and grandkids set off for a snowy adventure. They are joined by Grandma when they reach the city before retreating inside to get warm at the end of a full day. The illustrations are diverse and the family appears to be a multiracial family. With multiracial families being under represented in books, it was refreshing to find it in this charming book. There was a lot that made this book unique and it instantly became a new seasonal favorite for us.

when the snow falls 2

when the snow falls 3

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