Number The Stars

Number the StarsThis review is in tribute to International Holocaust Remembrance Day and the lives that were forever changed during World War II. Number The Stars by Lois Lowry was recommended by a friend, so we picked up the audio book to listen to in the car. It was very different from the other books we had been listening to at the time, but it was a fantastic book that everyone got into. The story takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark during 1943 occupation by Nazi Germany. Ten year old Annemarie remembers life before food shortages and Nazi soldiers in the streets, but she goes to school and plays with her friend and sister. Then one day, they learn that the Germans are rounding up and “relocating” all the Jewish people. Annemarie and her family take in her Jewish friend Ellen and must pretend she is their sister. Together, they travel with Ellen until she is reunited with her parents and smuggled to safety in Sweden. Based on true events, I had never heard of how the Danish resistance had people saved most of the Jewish population in Denmark. It was a truly moving story and getting to experience it through the eyes of a 10 year old was unique and perfect for a young audience. I loved the audio book because it makes easier to imagine the character in the book and sucks you into the story. Teaching and remembering history is so important. We must never forget those that were lost, survived, or stood up to fight back during this dark chapter in time. These stories matter and this book does a beautiful job of connecting us to that history and reminding us how we can make a difference. May we always remember the past and let it inspire us to do better.


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