Too Much Glue

too much glue 1

Why do kids like to use too much glue?! Or is it just my kids. Like it’s cover suggests, Too Much Glue is a fun and silly book. Written by Jason Lefebvre, this book is about a boy that doesn’t believe in too much glue, even when his teacher tries to tell him to use less. He and his father love glue and make all kinds of fun things with it at home. But when he gets carried away at school, all kinds of silliness occurs. What does the father do when he shows up to discover the mess his son has become? Declares him a masterpiece of course! The illustrations by Zac Ratz add to the hilarity of the story. It’s a fun book to read and puts a silly spin exploring your creative side. Maybe it’s okay to get messy sometimes. Next time your little one makes a giant mess, grab the camera and snap a picture before clean up. It might not be funny at the time, but someday it might be a silly story and you’ll have a photo to remember.

too much glue 2

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