The Princess and The Fog

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I am so glad I found The Princess and The Fog and highly recommend it. Written and illustrated by Lloyd Jones with contributors Melinda Edwards and Linda Bayliss, this book does an amazing job of explaining depression in a way kids can see and understand. This story is about a young princess that loves so many things and is very happy until a fog comes. Slowly, without anyone noticing at first, the fog grows until it clouds everything the princess does. She no longer feels joy in the things she used to. Everyone tries to help, but at first, nothing seems to work. Finally, one of her friend’s gets her to talk about the fog. Slowly, with help and work, the fog lifts. It’s a great book with an important message. Depression affects so many. It is very likely your child or someone they care about will struggle with depression. Teaching your child what depression is could help them see the warning signs in themselves or others and know they can ask for help. Would you read this book to your kids?

Princess And The Fog 2

Princess And The Fog 3

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