I Need My Monster

i need my monster 1

Does your little like monsters? Then they might love this book. I Need My Monster, written by Amanda Noll, is a super silly story about a boy that needs a monster under his bed to help him go to sleep. But when his monster goes on vacation, he tries to find a replacement. After all, if he isn’t scared, what is going to make him stay in bed? But none of the monsters are scary enough. Luckily for the young readers, none of the monsters in the book are actually awful, they are just trying to do their job of keeping kids in bed. The boy and his monster even seem to like each other and have an unusual kind of friendship. The idea that a kid actually wants to be too scared to let his foot dangle is so ridiculous that it’s funny. The colorful and humorous illustrations by Howard McWilliam add to the fun of this story. If your child is terrified of monsters under the bed, this might not be the book for you. Or maybe it’s the cure. Not sure. But you might have a better idea if this book is right for your child. Mine loved it, but they don’t have that fear. My youngest wanted to listen to it again and again. Tip: look it up on YouTube! My daughter loved watching Rita Moreno read it. She couldn’t get enough of that video!

i need my monster 2

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