The Bad Mood and The Stick

Processed with Rookie CamThe Bad Mood and The Stick, written by Lemony Snicket and illustrated by Matthew Forsythe, is an unusual story and not what I expected, but entertaining and silly. Don’t judge me, but it was my first time reading Lemony Snicket and I didn’t even realize that was who the author was when I picked up the book. So maybe if I had read Lemony Snicket before, I would have realized it would be a little odd. Sometimes you don’t realize that you have expectations about a story until it is just completely not what you expected at all. But my kids and I had a laugh and they really liked the book. It starts with a girl, in a bad mood, that finds a stick. The bad mood travels from person to person during the story, which jumps all over and wasn’t at all what I was predicting. Still, it was silly and fun. Not sure what the stick’s roll in the story was other than to be another weird subject for the story, but it adds to the odd silliness. I felt a little unsure how I felt about the book when I was done, but my kids announced that they liked it. One thing is for sure, if you have a bad mood, you will probably feel better after reading this book! (P.S. I do not support feeling better by poking people with sticks!)

The Bad Mood and The Stick 2

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