Piggy Bunny

Piggy Bunny 1

What a lovely surprise of a book! I randomly picked up Piggy Bunny on a library trip and am so glad I did. Written by Rachel Vail and illustrated by Jeremy Tankard, this is the story of a little pig named Liam and dreams of being the Easter Bunny. Most piglets want to grow up to be pigs and they don’t understand why Liam wants to be the Easter Bunny. He is a perfectly good piglet after all and he shouldn’t try to be something he isn’t. But Liam tells them that who he is IS a piglet who is going to be the Easter Bunny. He practiced hard to be an Easter Bunny, but no one seemed to understand why he was trying when he was already a perfect piglet. They loved Liam, but they were sure he would never be the Easter Bunny and Liam started to wonder if they were right. But just when it seemed Liam would give up on being who he wanted to be, his grandma and grandpa gave him the support he needed. With their help, he saw himself become the Easter Bunny he always dreamed he could be. It was such a beautiful story with a beautiful message. His family loved him, but the support and encouragement his grandparents gave him helped him become who he was always meant to be. I was very overwhelmed by this unexpected message and beamed with pride when one of my daughters shared the observation that this could be similar to how some transgender people might feel. I thought it was a beautiful book to support the importance of being who you feel you are, not just what others see you as. This message doesn’t just apply to transgender people, but it’s a great book if you are looking for one that does. Encouraging our children to love and accept people for who they are is an important lesson that this book did a great job of reinforcing.

Piggy Bunny 2Piggy Bunny 3Piggy Bunny 4Piggy Bunny 5

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