Me and My Fear

Processed with Rookie Cam

This book! Me and My Fear by Francesca Sanna is a stirring book with a valuable message. Emotions can be really overwhelming for some kids, especially some of the more unsettling ones like anger, sadness, worry and fear. Some kids struggle to not let these emotions rule them. Sometimes kids that struggle become teens and then adults that struggle. For this reason, I love books like this that can help kids recognize, accept and manage their emotions. Me and My Fear is a beautiful book about a young girl with a friend named Fear. Fear and the girl have experienced many things together, Fear sometimes keeping her safe from danger, but when the young girl moves to a new country, Fear begins to grow. Fear won’t let her outside, hates school, won’t let the girl sleep, and keeps the girl all to herself. The girl grows lonely and angry as she draws alone, until a young boy joins her. They draw and paint together until she decides she wants to go outside. Fear doesn’t want to go, but she shrinks small enough for the girl to carry her. As the girl interacts more with others, she starts to realize they all have a secret friend named Fear. Fear will always be there, it’s a part of life, but we might find things aren’t as bad as Fear feared. I also love that the young girl is in a new country and that is part of why her fear grows. Recognizing that someone in her situation may feel overwhelmed could help kids have empathy for new students and encourage them to include them, even if there is a language barrier. Love, love, love this book and had to share as part of our Mental Health Month and National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day on May 6th.

Me and My Fear 2Me and My Fear 3Me and My Fear 4

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