The North Star

Processed with Rookie CamAnd now I have found another Peter H. Reynolds book to LOVE! The North Star is a beautiful story with a great message. It’s about a young boy on a journey who sets off following a path many have taken before. He isn’t sure where the path goes, but it’s the one he’s told to follow, so he does. As he continues his journey, he becomes more and more unhappy. He doesn’t like this path, but he stays on it because he is supposed to and he doesn’t want to get lost. So many have taken it before him, so it must be the right one. But if it is, why does he feel lost? This genius book is longer than others I have read by Peter H. Reynolds, but it’s easy to follow and understand for younger kids, and a story all ages can appreciate. Finding your own path can be hard. It takes courage to leave the well marked path to make your own. But if you follow your heart, it can lead you on your own journey. I loved the message in this book. I am always trying to encourage my kids to be themselves and not follow in someone else’s footsteps. And even I need a reminder sometimes to figure out if I am happy on the path I am taking. Sometimes we have to stop and evaluate if we are lost or if it’s time to take a new path. I know we will read this book again and again to remember the importance to not force ourselves on another’s path and to help others on their own journey. It’s a beautifully written book about a complex lesson that we can all use.

The North Star 2

The North Star 3

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