Hey, That’s MY Monster!

hey that's my monster 1

This book is great! Hey, That’s MY Monster!, written by Amanda Noll, is the perfect sequel to I Need My Monster. This book is similar to the first, but with a fun sibling twist. This time, the boy’s monster is leaving him to help a new child stay in bed… his little sister! He has to find her a different monster for his sister so he can keep his monster, but the little girl isn’t fazed by any of them. And if she isn’t afraid of the monster, she won’t stay in bed and go to sleep. These stories are silly, but they are a bit on the dark side with the idea that being afraid to get out of bed is a good thing. Luckily, my kids don’t have that fear, so they see these books as goofy fun. The bright and humorous illustrations by Howard McWilliam help. But you’re the best judge if these books are right for your child. Bonus: Search for this book on YouTube. There is a video of it being read by Lily Tomlin!

hey that's my monster 2

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