Flora’s Very Windy Day

Flora's Very Windy Day 1

Flora’s Very Windy Day is a silly book about siblings. Anyone with a sibling probably knows what it feels like to want them to disappear… even if that feeling doesn’t last. When Flora’s little brother, Crispin, gets into her paints, she is super mad. She’s so mad that she happily lets the wind take her brother away. But Flora turns down many offers by unlikely sources to take Crispin off her hands because none seem right. This book is a lot of fun and author Jeanne Birdsall wrote a very imaginative story. The artwork by Matt Phelan adds so much character to the book. I loved every page. And the story was a sweet one about sibling rivalry and how our place is with our family. What books do you love to read to your little siblings?

Flora's Very Windy Day 2

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