Worm Loves Worm

Worm Loves Worm 1I loved Worm Loves Worm! This book was so clever. Written by J. J. Austrian and illustrated by Mike Curato, Worm Loves Worm is the story of two worms that fall in love and want to get married. But before they can, other people start telling them what they have to do to get married. They need someone to officiate, rings, cake, dancing, a bride and a groom; after all, that’s how it’s always been done. All the things they are told they have to do just look silly and unnecessary. How does a worm wear a ring when they don’t have fingers? But when Worm and Worm decide they are both going to be the bride and both going to be the groom, they are told they can’t. That isn’t how it’s done after all. That’s when Worm and Worm agree it’s okay to change how it’s done. This book is brilliant. Worms after all are both male and female! Worm and Worm just want to get married because they love each other. I like that this book shows that love and marriage doesn’t have to look the same. We don’t have to do things just because “that’s how it’s done”. Love is love!

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