Jack (Not Jackie)

Jack (Not Jackie) is a great book for young kids about gender identity. Written by Erica Silverman and illustrated Holly Hatam tells the story of an older sister that adores her little sister Jackie. But as her sister grows, Jackie starts liking things that Susan thinks are just for boys. Susan doesn’t like that Jackie doesn’t always act and dress the way she thinks Jackie should. When Jackie wants to be called Jack and tells Susan that he is her brother, Susan is upset and they both end up crying. The ending is truly beautiful though and I think it was a good book. It does a great job of showing the feelings and difficulty that can come with finding out that your sister is your brother, but that they are still the person you know and love. I think it’s important to talk about gender identity with children. I want my kids to always feel safe being their true selves and to accept others for who they are. We are all different and that difference is beautiful.

Processed with Rookie Cam Jack (Not Jackie) 2

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