The Dot

The DotThe Dot by Peter Reynolds was an instant hit at our house. The Dot is about a girl convinced she can not draw. But one dot on a piece of paper leads to many until she is a true artist. This book teaches us to ignore that inner voice that tells us we can’t do something and just try. It’s an uplifting book that is good for all ages. I want my kids to believe in themselves and not avoid things because they are hard or they may not be good at them. The Dot inspires perseverance and that it’s okay not to be perfect on the first try, we try anyway and just keep going. So whether you want to inspire your own little artist or just want them to know that great things sometimes start with something so small, The Dot is a must read. I love this book and have been a huge fan ever since reading it. I have since read so many beautiful and amazing books by @peterhreynolds and I highly recommend checking them out! ❤️📚

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