The Most Magnificant Thing

The Most Magnificent Thing 1The Most Magnificant Thing, written and illustrated by Ashley Spires, is a magnificent book! I enjoyed this story way too much. It’s about a little girl that has an idea to make a magnificent thing. She knows just what it is and what it will look like, but for some reason, all her attempts just aren’t right. She works and works, but after many failed creations, she gets super angry. Frustrated and defeated, she gives up. But she notices something about all her attempts… they are a little right! This is an amazing story to teaching you to try, try again. Mistakes can be learned from and frustration can be a normal part of the process. But don’t give up! I love the emotions portrayed in the story too. It’s something probably everyone can relate to and my kids definitely can! I think that relatability makes the story that much more encouraging to young readers. I am so glad that the fun illustrations grabbed my attention because this book was a great find that I really enjoyed.

The Most Magnificent Thing 2 The Most Magnificent Thing 3

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