Mega Princess

Processed with Rookie CamMega Princess is a graphic novel, written by Kelly Thompson and illustrated by Brianne Drouhard. It’s a fun story about a Princess named Maxine (Max for short) that is not a traditional princess story. Max wants to be a detective and really isn’t interested in doing “princess” things. When her fairy godmother shows up and gives princess powers to her and her pony, she isn’t exactly thrilled. But when her brother is kidnapped, she sees her chance to be a detective and uses her powers to save her brother. Now I didn’t love everything about this book, but that might have been because my expectations were too high. There were lots of things I did like. The story was definitely entertaining and fun and my girls were excited to read it night after night. The characters aren’t perfect and Max makes plenty of mistakes, but doesn’t give up, which is a huge part of life. So I loved that. Max is herself and doesn’t give up on her dreams just because she is supposed to be a princess. I always like when a princess story is about breaking the mold and being true to yourself. She also loves her brother and seems like a great big sister. But I didn’t care for the weird combative and rude relationship between Max and her “jerk pony” sidekick. I also felt like it was trying to inspire girls to not see themselves as helpless princesses, but then the queen seemed completely helpless and needed the king to calm her down. Now maybe the author was channeling a mother overwhelmed with worry over her children, but I just didn’t like how hysterical it came across while her husband was the level headed one reassuring her. Overall, I think Mega Princess is a fun book that a lot of kids would enjoy. I was just expecting to love it, so I felt disappointed when I didn’t. There are other non conventional, be yourself princess stories that I just liked a lot more. But I probably would have liked it a lot more if I hadn’t gone into it with such high hopes.

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