Grumpy Monkey

Grumpy Monkey 1

Grumpy Monkey was an AMAZING find! We all really enjoyed this super fun book by Suzanne Lang and had to share as part of Mental Health Month and as a follow up to National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day on May 6th. Monkey is grumpy, or at least everyone says he is. He keeps trying to prove he isn’t, but when he explodes with frustration, he realizes maybe he is grumpy. But when his friend comes and sits quietly with him, giving him the space to be grumpy, he feels a little better. Some days we just feel off. Some days are harder than they should be or we just feel cranky. I love that this book shows that it’s okay to feel that way and sometimes we just have to be kind to ourselves and accept that it’s a grumpy day, but we are still responsible for how we treat others. And this message is delivered in a very entertaining package that made us all smile and giggle. The illustrations by Max Lang are super funny and added so much to the book! We even went back to look at them again, laughing at our favorites. This is a great book for those grumpy days, giving you permission to feel that way, but reminding you it isn’t all bad and giving you a reason to smile.

Grumpy Monkey 2Grumpy Monkey 3

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