On Nov 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall finally fell. To celebrate the anniversary, I wanted to share this beautiful book with you.

One of the things I love about going to the library is finding books I didn’t even know to look for! Wall by Tom Clohosy Cole is one of those books that I saw on display and decided to check out. Wall tells the story of a family separated when the Berlin Wall went up. Told from the perspective of a little boy, this book is about his desire to escape East Berlin with his mother and sister to reunite with his father on the other side of the wall. It gives readers a small glimpse of what some families went through. A great story on it’s own, this book would also be a great conversation starter if you want to talk more about the history of the Berlin Wall. Simple text that isn’t lengthy makes this book a quick read that even younger kids can follow, but because parents know the sensitivity of their children, it is probably best for parents to do a quick pre-read to make sure it is suitable for their children. The striking art adds to the emotional feel of this story with use of shadows and color making this book even more beautiful. I am so glad I stumbled onto this book and am grateful for the human face it gave my kids about this page in history.


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