Amina’s Voice

Processed with Rookie CamAmina’s Voice was a lovely book, and even though I am not the target audience, I am glad I got a chance to read it. Amina is a young Pakistani-American girl in middle school trying to adjust to the changes happening in her life. The book starts with her and her best friend discussing Amina’s love of singing and dream of competing in singing competition, but she lacks the courage to sing in front of others. But I quickly realized, this book is not about that at all. Amina is struggling with all kinds of things. Her friendship with her best friend is changing and faces challenges. Her uncle visits from Pakistan and has some issues with their American lifestyle. Her older brother is regularly having conflicts with their parents. And now Amina is being made to perform in public in the Qu’ran reciting competition. This is a hard age for children and I think many will relate to Amina’s struggles in some way. This is a story about growing up, family, friendship and faith. Amina feels lost, but when a horrible act of hate shatters their world, friends and community come together and Amina finds her voice. I found this book moving and uplifting and am glad to know it’s being read by so many young readers.

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